Digital Video Licensing Discussion Forum

May 20, 2008

A primary goal of the 22 September 2008 National Media Market meeting on digital video licensing will be to define and discuss the nature and range of models for licensing digital video on demand. The meeting will focus on exploring the present and future feasibility of various models in diverse institutional settings, as well as identifying the advantages of disadvantages of each for both distributors and librarians.

As preparation for this meeting, a white paper has been developed by Gary Handman (UC Berkeley) and Lawrence Daressa (California Newsreel) in an attempt to outline some of the central issues and challenges currently at hand in the digital video environment. This blog is intended as a means of responding to that paper. Input from participants will be moderated by G. Handman and incorporated into the draft white paper as appropriate.

The Digital Video Licensing White Paper for discussion at the 2008 National Media Market has been posted here